A Little Slice of Heaven

So, instead of a punching bag that I have so desperately needed the past few months, I have discovered yoga. Now, of course this is not my first time ever doing yoga, but I found a place here (thanks to my sister) that I love and actually want to go to on a regular basis. Typically upon entering a yoga or Pilates class in a gym setting, you find yourself amongst tiny, impossibly in-shape women that you find yourself ogling at during the entire class, wishing your body would do those magical things. It’s very easy to get distracted and find your mind wandering elsewhere.

However, Cambio Yoga is the complete opposite atmosphere. You walk in and you feel like you have entered someone’s house. There are people hanging out on the couches, at the kitchen area, and on the floor chatting with one another. You look around in amazement at how many normal-looking women and men there are… all shapes and sizes. No one is trying to impress one another and it refreshes with its unbiased “come as you are” attitude. Not to mention the classes are paid by donation, and you decide how much you are able to give. Which is just awesome.

The fitness room itself is dark, with a few candles lighting around the edges, creating a warm glow. You hardly notice anyone else around you, allowing you to fully relax and focus on yourself, instead of how much better or worse your neighbor is at the movements. The temperature in the room ensures that everyone is profusely sweating, but in that good, you-know-your-body-is-really-working, kind of way.

Even though I only recently started, it has become my little slice of heaven. I crave it, and I can’t wait to go again tonight. As I feel my body getting stronger, life’s daily stresses start to melt away…I feel my heart get a little lighter and my smile a little wider. Follow @chatzee8

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