“Girl’s Nights” Will Always Be A Mystery…

Women are exciting. We can be a walking dichotomy, always full of little surprises. One minute we are bashful about showing cleavage, and the next thing you know we are whipping our panties over our heads hollering like a frat boy. And the topic of sex….oh yes gentlemen…..it comes up quite often believe it or not. I think it has been a common notion that it is the male in the relationship who runs around talking about last night’s position conquest. But alas, they have been oddly quiet. Ladies, we have been misinformed!

While there is the occasional high five during story swap at guy’s night, its the females who are boasting and sharing about their sexual prowess, upon which may be followed up by advice and tips from the other women. We have broken out of the box, so to speak, and are enjoying our feminine sexuality more than ever before. No longer are we looking solely to Cosmo for sex advice. Girl’s night is our excuse to be candid about what goes on in the bedroom and how we can improve. Gentlemen, you should be flattered.

Since when did men and women reverse these roles? I don’t know, but I sure do love those girl nights….

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