Greco EP Release- “All The Things You Want”

avatars-000070709725-pw8hb7-t500x500With the brand new January release of their EP- “All The Things You Want”, up-and-coming band Greco redefines music genres, with the vast array of instrumental influences from of pop, rock, and blues coming together to form a whole new eclectic sound. Each of the five songs on the album exhibit a unique trait, giving listeners a taste of the band’s musical range. Formed in early 2013, Greco features lead vocalist/guitarist Johann Greco, bassist Zach Greco, keyboardist Sebastian Greco, drummer Gabriel Greco, and guitarist Josh Usalavage. The band hails from Athens, Georgia, a city known for pushing out a production of unique talent.

1362015297_greco_the_bandFour of the five bandmates are brothers, and when I asked what it was like to play with siblings, Zach said “it’s a blast, they are some of the coolest guys I know.” Johann and Zach have been playing since about 12 years old, while Sabastian and Josh have been playing a couple years and Gabriel just over a year. With some fresh talent, I’m excited to follow the band and watch them grow as musicians and performers.

While Greco is not yet signed, they are certainly not waiting around for a label, and have started booking tour dates in the Southeast, while expanding their audience via radio and social media outlets.

You can find their EP Album on SoundCloud, as well as their website, My personal favorite (and what I am currently listening to at the moment) is “Ready For You” which starts with a heavy bass line, and leads into a perfect mix of rock and soul. It’s quite reminiscent of Muse, and is the epitome of what the band is all about; Sensual, Electric, and Infectious.

Follow them on Twitter @wearegreco for updates and tour announcements





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