Count Me In On The Next Hunger Games


I have found a new love! Last Saturday I went with my friend Ryan to the Archery Hut, an indoor archery range nearby to my house. It was the first time I had picked up a bow in over 15 years, and when I felt it in my hands, I wanted it to stay there forever. Something just…clicked. The movement or pulling the string back, the continuous succession of arrows whizzing through the air, the satisfaction of hearing the dull thump as it hit the target. It relaxed and focused me with each movement, and I sensed a profound calm throughout my entire body.

We shot continuously for a few hours, and though my fingertips were starting to form blisters, I didn’t want to stop. It was pure bliss. Needless to say, I will be going back, probably every weekend.


It’s always so interest to look back on your life and see where you’ve come from. All those twisting, winding roads that lead to some of the most beautiful moments in your life. Lately, I have been doing a lot of reflecting as one huge chapter in my life is about to come to an end, while several new doors are opening. I especially focus on those people that I thought were just a random chance meeting and see how they have completely influenced my life in the most amazing, wonderful ways. I am certainly excited to see what this new year has to hold for me as I start fulfilling my role as a leader and innovator. Big things are happening!

“Girl’s Nights” Will Always Be A Mystery…

Women are exciting. We can be a walking dichotomy, always full of little surprises. One minute we are bashful about showing cleavage, and the next thing you know we are whipping our panties over our heads hollering like a frat boy. And the topic of sex….oh yes gentlemen… comes up quite often believe it or not. I think it has been a common notion that it is the male in the relationship who runs around talking about last night’s position conquest. But alas, they have been oddly quiet. Ladies, we have been misinformed!

While there is the occasional high five during story swap at guy’s night, its the females who are boasting and sharing about their sexual prowess, upon which may be followed up by advice and tips from the other women. We have broken out of the box, so to speak, and are enjoying our feminine sexuality more than ever before. No longer are we looking solely to Cosmo for sex advice. Girl’s night is our excuse to be candid about what goes on in the bedroom and how we can improve. Gentlemen, you should be flattered.

Since when did men and women reverse these roles? I don’t know, but I sure do love those girl nights….

To Iowa I Go

I recently went on a trip to Iowa to visit my best friend, Amy, and her husband, Tyler, for a relaxing week. They are expecting their first child in July and I really wanted a chance to see them before they were caught up with family and piles of dirty diapers. Now, most people’s response to anyone going to Iowa (including mine) is, “What the Hell is in Iowa?” That was the first question I asked Amy when she decided to pick up and move from our home in SoCal, full of sunshine, beaches, and endless activities, to Cedar Falls, Iowa. For a boy. After only knowing him for a few months. But love is love, and now they are married and expecting a beautiful baby boy. I can recall the phone calls and tears of frustration of her first months living there, with the below zero winters, and only one, ONE!, Starbucks in the entire town. I could understand her pain, as I was taking her phone calls laying out on the beach, breeze blowing through my hair, sipping my second iced latte of the day…in the middle of October. So when I decided to visit, I had already mentally prepared myself to do nothing the entire week. After all, I was going to a tiny Podunk town in the middle of nowhere. What was there to enjoy besides the company of friends? But, a big city girl like me was pleasantly surprised at how much I actually enjoyed it. Here are the list of reasons I found that everyone should go visit the Midwest (at least in the spring/summer):

1. After a rainstorm, the air smells so fresh, a foreign thing to those who live in LA and smell smog 24/7.
2. The ponds have gigantic bullfrogs.
3. Corn
4. Amazing steaks
5. Everything is cheaper
6. People are good-hearted, good-natured, and actually have conversation with strangers
7. The men are southern gentleman and grow up knowing how to treat women(I’m going to catch one someday)
8. Beer is involved in every get together
9. On an acre of land, with a pond and a grove of trees beside you, a well placed hammock can make even the most stressful hearts blow away with the breeze
10. Life slows down, allowing you to enjoy every moment of your day
11. Country songs finally make sense once you have actually driven on a red dirt road, windows rolled down, watching the farmhouses passing by
12. There are actual neighborhoods, with green grass and huge trees, not just miles of corn. (I know, right? You have to see it to believe it)
13. Amy and Tyler live there!!!!! (this may be the best reason of them all)